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(Early Release - Version 0.81)

Version 1.0 of Total Drafting Simulator, which brings a slew of major changes and improvements, will replace this version in the future. Feel free to download and try this until then!

Check out the early release of Total Drafting Simulator now!

This Sandbox racing game lets you take control in a unique drafting experience. Race against a field of AI cars as you try to reach the finish line first!

In this early release, you can experience the full drafting engine, designed to recreate realistic situations as seen in NASCAR super-speedway events and other forms of slipstream auto-racing.

If you're like me and you like crashing too much, you'll enjoy the work I've put into making a satisfying and realistic collision system with tire rub, aggression, smoke, and even not-so-realistic explosions.

Download Total Drafting Simulator right here for free! Available for Windows PC and Android mobile platforms.


Features and Content (as of v0.81)

  • Fully-Functional Drafting System with Realistic Slipstream Racing
  • Crashing Mechanics including Tire Rub, Smoke, Debris, Fire, and Explosions
  • Quick-Race Mode for an Optimized Experience
  • Custom-Race Mode for a Completely Personalized Experience
  • A Default Carset with 10 Paint Schemes

  • NEW (Added in 0.81)
    • Gameplay

      • Speedometer Units Toggle in Settings
      • 10 New Cars for the Default Car-Set
      • Sharp-angle Wall Collisions may cause Damaged Cars to Explode
      • Debris Objects now have more Density and are less Erratic
      • The Shockwave Effect is now Smaller and Faster
      • Explosions no longer Flare the Vignette if they are far from the Camera
      • Added a Sound Effect to Boost
    • UI
      • Added Splash Screen
      • Added Cars to the Background of Menus
      • Added a Fade Effect between Menus
      • Modified Top-5 Visual to include bold text and Paint Schemes
      • Modified Leaderboard to display each driver's Car
      • Added a CONTROLS tab to the Main Menu and Pause Menu
    • Bug Fixes
      • Fixed an issue where the leaderboard would crash the game under specific circumstances
      • Fixed an issue where using a single starting lane would change the player's driver's name incorrectly
      • Fixed an issue where continuing play from the pause screen would cause particles to appear on the wrong draw layer
      • Fixed an issue where starting or restarting a race would cause the engine sounds to play at max volume for an instant. (Sorry!)
      • Fixed an issue where the leaderboard was always displaying the first car in the car set as the winner


Known Issues (as of v0.81)

  • When resuming gameplay from the Pause menu, there is a chance that the track walls do not reactivate, causing the player or AI to be able to exit the track. This will be corrected in a future release.



WIndows PC:

  • Use the Arrow Keys to control your car
    • Steer Left/Right - Left/Right Arrow Keys
    • Boost - Up Arrow Key
    • Drag - Down Arrow Key
  • Use the following keys for other functions
    • Z - Change Camera Distance
    • O/L - Look Ahead/Behind
    • P - Pause
  • Mobile Controls Also Work (Mouse OR Touch-Screen)
    • Tap or Hold Left/Right of your car to Steer
    • Use the On-Screen buttons for all other functions


  • Use your Touch-Screen and the On-Screen buttons to play
    • Tap or Hold Left/Right of your car to Steer
    • Use the On-Screen buttons for all other functions


Total Drafting Simulator © 2019-2020 Roguetoad Studios

Updated 22 days ago
StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorRoguetoad27 (Roguetoad Studios)
GenreRacing, Action


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